- About Us -

Beginning in 1950, a wealthy, private collector commissioned an extensive array of prohibition era artifacts, gangster memorabilia and criminal legal documents to be sought out and obtained at any cost. Rumored to have had ties directly to the underground world of organized crime, the collector mysteriously died in the early 1970's. With no living descendants the collectors massive estate was tied up in federal court proceedings for years. In the late 1990's, the long forgotten collection was discovered in a massive hidden underground vault during the demolition of the aging estate.

This discovery soon became the talk of collectors, private museums and government agencies who sought to obtain the entire collection. It eventually went up for auction and was quickly acquired by the founding family of Prohib33, an organization with plans to open a museum showcasing the artifacts. Due to the long process of authentication, legal battles and even rumored pressure from federal agencies, the project never transpired and the memorabilia once again went into hiding.

Twice lost to the ages, it was all rediscovered in 2015 by the next generation of the family. Now in the hospitality industry, new plans were conceived and the decision was made to display the collection at various locations around the country in a unique fine dining concept - Prohibition Steakhouse and Bar 33 was born. Aptly so, as 1933 was the year that brought an end to prohibition and the beginning of an infamous part of American history that still intrigues the world to this day.